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Technical Data for BUCHER Duro


Engine:  3.8 liter or 4.2 liter 6 cylinder VM-Detroit Diesel
Transmission:  Automatic Mercedes or Allison
Two Speed Transfer Case Full Time 4WD
Axles:  Self Locking Torsen front/center/rear differentials
Suspension:  Solid axle front & rear with coil springs
Unique patented front/rear stabalizer system
Brakes:  All wheel disc hydraulic brakes
4 piston brake calipers, brakes mounted on differential
Dimensions:  Length (4x4):  6030mm (237.0")
Length (6x6):  6450mm (253.0")
Width:  1960mm (77.0")
Height:  2650mm (104.0")
Wheelbase:  3530mm (139.0")
Ground Clearance:  360mm (14.0")
Angle of Approach:  46°
Angle of Departure:  32°
Empty Weight (4x4):  3700kg (8157lbs.)
Payload (4x4):  2200kg (4850lbs.)
Empty Weight (6x6):  4500kg (9920lbs.)
Payload (6x6):  3000kg (6613lbs.)
Electric:  24 Volt waterproof system
Trailer Hitch:  Pintle hook with 24 Volt connector
Trailer Weight:  4x4: max. 2000kg (4409lbs.)
6x6: max. 4000kg (8850lbs.)
Fuel Tank:  1 tank @120 liter (31 gal.)
Prices:  start from $ 20,000.00
Shipping to any location possible

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