SWISS ARMY VEHICLES is a major distributor of European military vehicles, parts and surplus since 1998
Swiss Army Vehicles
Still the Best place for Pinzgauers
Swiss Army Vehicles
We buy PINZGAUER and UNIMOG vehicles from anywhere
Swiss Army Vehicles
Worldwide Sales of Swiss Army Pinzgauers, Unimogs and US Army Surplus and European Military Surplus
Swiss Army Vehicles
We are looking forward to have a good selection all year. From a Haflinger to a 718 Diesel
Swiss Army Vehicles

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Featured Products

Wiper Arm, Blade and Adapter  set of 2
Spray Can  Swiss Army Green
Plug Wire Conversion Kit + Pertronix
First Aid Kit Military Style Plastic Box

Latest Vehicle Arrivals and Specials

Haflinger 700  Swiss Army
Pinzgauer 712M
Pinzgauer 712 AMB