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Rare Model very few built so far and most are stil ..

BUCHER Duro 6x6


Rare Model very few built so far and most are still in Military service around the world.

Engine: VM/Detroit Diesel 4.2L 6 Cylinder, Diesel Turbocharged with Intercooler
Transmission: Four Speed Automatic built by Allison
Two Speed Transfer Case Full Time 6WD
Self Locking Torsen front/center/rear Differential
Suspension: Solid Axle front, center & rear with coil springs
Unique Patented Front/Center/Rear Stabalizer System
Disc Brakes mounted on Differential
Front Cab Roof Air Conditioning


Length: 6450mm (253")
Width: 2200mm (86")
Height: 2900mm (114")
Ground Clearance: 360mm (14")
Angle of approach: 46°
Angel of departure: 32°
Empty Weight: 4500kg (9920 lbs)
Payload: 3000kg (6613 lbs)
Electric: 24 Volt waterproof system
Trailer Hitch: Pintle hook with 24 Volt connector
Trailer Weight: max. 4000kg (8850lbs)
Fuel Tank: 1 tank @120L (31 gal.)

Shipping to any location possible

Model: Duro 6x6
Stock No.: 181
Year: 2001
Condition: exellent